Here are some answers to the most popular questions we receive about our products and services. If you can't find the answer here don't hesitate to contact us.

Q - What are your prices?

Pricing is usually by project. Because each project varies, it's nearly impossible to list prices. You will always know what something costs beforehand.

We closely monitor industry prices, and can promise, our prices are surprisingly affordable™. Pricing each project independently helps keep costs low. All price quotes are free and include some helpful expert advice. Click here to get a free price quote. We usually have a 1 hour response time.

We can sometimes offer a payment arrangement of 50% to get started, and the remaining due upon project completion. We find this helps new customers/clients feel more comfortable with the process. Simply ask about it within your price quote request.

Q - What if I need ongoing or continuous service(s) with NAVSPAN?

Our Website Maintenance Plans can be the perfect solution. NO Contracts. NO Hidden Fees. Cancel Anytime. Simply choose from one of our monthly Basic, Intermediate or Advanced plans. Learn more at

Q - What payment methods does NAVSPAN accept?

We gladly accept most major credit/debit cards, including, visa, mastercard, discover and american express. All payments are made online in a 100% secure environment. We utilize some of the safest most secure encryption methods available. You never share your sensitive financial information with us.

Q - What is a your web design process?

Well, each project is different. But, over the years we have developed and streamlined a general process. A quick overview of a new "website design" project might look like the following:

- Initial meeting (price quote request)
- Information gathering
- Price/cost and advice provided
- Research, data gathering
- Draft design and layout
- Suggestions & refinements
- Launch, test, etc.
- Study analysis & observe
- Support, help & suggestions

Q - What's included within a free price quote?

New customers are often amazed at how helpful and in-depth our price quotes and advice are. We thoroughly examine all of the information you can provide, then research, review and present you with an expert analysis of our findings. Often included in these findings are; summary, process, advice/suggestions, cost-saving tips, hosting suggestions, domain name suggestions, time estimates, payment methods, and much more. Each price quote includes loads of helpful personalized advice with no obligations whatsoever (free). Get a free price quote here.

Q - What if I need more pages?

No problem. If after project completion, you can simply request a price quote or have the work done using one of our Website Maintenance Plans. Either way, we're right here to help.

Q - Do I have to host with NAVSPAN?

In most cases, no. In some instances however, we would pretty much require that your site is hosted with one of our suggested services. This is most often the case with eCommerce platforms, highly demanding server resources, server access, or custom scripts. Questions? ask us here.

Q - What is your refund policy?

Given the nature of our services, no refunds or credits are provided. Take note however, that we are not happy until you are. Our work, prices, and services are designed to avoid any confusion leading to a refund request. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating and will do everything we can to uphold it. To help minimize this stress, we can offer a payment arrangement of 50% to get started and the remaining due upon project completion. New clients enjoy this.

Q - How long does a new website take to be completed?

After learning about a project, each client is given an estimated time to completion. Time estimates our provided within each price quote. Some projects require more time, some less. We have always met our estimated time.

Q - Who owns the copyright/trademark of the designed site and elements?

Upon final payment (paid in full), the client in most cases will own the design. In most cases is noted due to their being many elements that make up a site, design, etc. Be assured, that we understand the importance of this and will do everything we can to make sure YOU are the owner upon completion.

Q - What makes NAVSPAN different than other web services?

Dedication, expertise, and the unwavering support against being ripped off. What if you or your business could have the same technological resources as larger retailers? What if you could avoid the outrageous monthly eCommerce expenses? What if you could actually profit from being online?

Q - What kind of tech support do you offer afterwards?

Simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help. Our tech support can be reached by the following:

Tech support email:
Toll-free: 800-521-9061

Q - Do you work with WordPress?

Yes. WordPress™ is a very popular CMS.

Q - How many email accounts can I have?

You can have a near unlimited amount. Ask us about it.

Q - Will I be able to edit my own site?

Absolutely! You can do whatever you like. We encourage every customer to learn everything they can about design and development. Plus, if you get stuck with something we're right here to help.

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