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How To Improve Your Craigslist Posting (10 Free Tips & Tricks)

craigslist ad generator 837x520 300x186 How To Improve Your Craigslist Posting (10 Free Tips & Tricks)Your business or service is looking to advertise online. You find that you can reach some of your local market by placing ads on Craigslist. Perhaps you have already tried Craigslist and did not see much of a response. Well, it’s probably due to some simple things that were overlooked within the Craigslist ad itself. But, the good news is that it is usually easy to improve the ad and measure how well it performs.

Below are 10 tips and tricks you can use to improve your overall online marketing advertisements/posts on Craigslist. Note that Craigslist is good for some small online marketing, but in no way should be considered the only way to market your products or services online.

1 Understand and learn who your target market is. This is much easier said than done. But, consider who the people are that will likely inquire about services. Only after you have a good idea of who your potential customers are, should you start to build your Craigslist ad.

2 Will your target market likely react to a SALE or Coupon Code? If so, consider using this within your ad. Perhaps 10% OFF by mentioning this ad.

3 Show don’t tell. People first look, then if interested, read. What message do you want to portray visually? Relaxed, cheap, discount, results, etc. Often the safest bet is try and display what it is you’re offering. For example, lawn services showing beautiful think green grass. Perhaps put a happy customer/home owner? Using a brochure or flyer is preferred over simple text. This can be in almost any format, but .jpg, .gif, .png are the best to use for Craigslist. If you need to host the image online, try using a free service such as,, or Once you have a flyer, you can use it again and again. If you don’t have a brochure or flyer and would like one created for Craigslist, contact us for a free Craigslist brochure/flyer price quote.

4 Be sure to link your new ad to your website! This is very important and gives your potential customer the ability to learn more.

5 The title to your ad is key and rightfully so, probably the most difficult to devise. Mostly in part for the task it must do – get potential customers to click on it!

Get Potential Customers to Click on Your Ad… Spark Some Interest!

Be creative, use key words that relate to your market. For example, a more tricky title might be “How I Fixed My Lawn For Free”. Spark some interest!

6 If using an image, flyer, or brochure for your Craigslist ad, consider the size. The ideal size would be one that fits entirely into most browser windows and does not require one to scroll down. We like to use 800-900 width x 300-400 height. Being the first impression, quality cannot be overlooked.

7 Include a “Call To Action”. What is this? Simple, a Call To Action is simply some way of directing the user to do something. Most often this is “Click Here”, “Call Today!”, or “Learn More”.

8 Do not overpost. Do not place several ads all at once or in several geographic locations at once. This will likely violate Craigslist terms of use as well as get you banned.

9 To understand what ads work versus the ones that do not, being able to track your ads is very valuable information. We have the perfect solution to easily do this for you and your business. In fact, it is so important that we choose not to share this with everyone. So, contact us to learn how to do this. Best of all it’s actually FREE.

10 Use keywords within your ad. This will help in several ways. Most importantly, when users search Craigslist your ad will likely be returned in the results.

We would happy to help you improve or create your Craigslist ad. Get more sales, increase your customer numbers. Contact us today for a FREE Craigslist Ad Price Quote.

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